The Precious Gift Of Poetry!

Yes, poetry's a wondrous gift, vivacious lines of verse
That help to give the heart a lift with rhythms to rehearse!
When spoken, it's a memory to bless the ears as well,
The incantations gently weave their very special spell!

Encapsulating captured words that fill the air above,
All circling high like tame young birds to help spin yarns of love!
At best, the rhythms carry you into the writer's realm
Where he directs them ever new, the captain at the helm!

Perhaps across calm seas that soothe the soul in need of rest...
Or stretching forth and thus improve with thoughts so full of zest!
Whatever words are brought to bear, mid this realm and the next,
The poet strives and thus takes care, creative muscles flexed!

Perhaps the midnight oil's burned, perhaps there's little strain
And yet the poet's rarely spurned when there's so much to gain!
Of all the blessings God bestows to aid us as 'Mankind',
It's poetry that overflows from mind to mind to mind!

If only we'd all try to write, we wouldn't waste the ink!
We'd be more noble, more polite, investing time to think!
We'd mull things over in our hearts, we'd take the time to see
One of the greatest of the arts is precious poetry!

by Denis Martindale

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