MS (15/03/91 / Tashi Yangtse)

'The Precious One'

Hail! The divine Lord,
Thine heavenly grace glitters the universe,
And the flawless teaching binds the seekers under a umbrella of truth.
Hail! The omniscient being,
With innate wisdom like peak,
Speech velvety like nectar,
Heals the tangled souls in varied realms, And carries abyss to a perfect bliss.
Hail! the Supreme practitioner,
Glory and truth lies in thee,
With tremendous love for all,
Bestows blessings beyond sky,
Sheds joy like rainbow,
And forgives the defiled like me.
Words can't surpass thine divinity,
The wrecking pains can't reap thine nobility,
Nor the bravery outweigh thine intensity, But the honour lies in thee,
To hold us in luminous bosom,
And show the path less travelled.
Pardon the defiled me,
If stoned a disgrace upon a saint,
Through this feathery piece,
But I yearn from the bone,
May it become the cause of joy.

by Menlam Samdrup

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