The Preciousness Of The Instant

Joyous exultations elicit throngs of bystanders to harken this memorandum
which implies the inception of a devotional maiden voyage and incantation.
The elegance imports a miraculous excitability crawling under the skin
and arousing our perceptions to witness the extraordinary swing of a pendulum
persuading the skeptics to revive the cognition of principles and idealization.
Languorous fragrances dwell to assure an ambiance of contentment and genuine
consolation inducing a vision of quietude releasing all creatures from pandemonium.
Inquisitively searching we probe the possibility of splendor through the origin
of harmonious complacency mitigating each articulation for the new millennium.
The golden era of Nostradamus needn't revise logic with a prism of falsification
devastating the pillars of verisimilitude and credibility with fantastic deceptions.
The discipline of acquiring fear will dissipate as an absurd farce which causes chagrin
to frown upon the surroundings as a minus sign equals a grotesque misconception.
Revealing this error is the handwork of the commonplace who have not forgotten
the simplicity of deduction rendering the oligarchic separatists as the original sin.
Eve's serpent and the apple began the fairy tale that Lilith concluded begotten
with rectitude well aware of her status positioned amongst the god's mystification.
Inexplicable renditions repetitiously manifest their precarious episodes baffling
the scholars as ancient archetypes permeate to saturation the leaves of autumn.
The caterwauling beasts assimilate their wailing noise and awaken bears in hibernation
bringing an influx of influences methodically displaying arrogance with an upper chin.
Implicit injunctions inaugurate an era of common sense annulling the misbegotten
fables insinuating malevolent weaknesses subject to fallibility without exception.
Guiding the component then concocted
we muster the recipe of imperishable reconciliation
awarding each halcyon being with a ceremonial recognition and our photographing
of a memorable retrospection of our twilight
and the breviloquent period we are allotted.

by Paul Amrod

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