The Precitipation Relating To Slaughter-Land

the season-change of the vagrant pole-star easily picks up a sip
from the list of ducks of the night-watchers

standing on the bye-lane of the horse-race … by the weight of the confession made by the spelling-mistakes of a moonlit night to the lotus-leaves … the amputated tongues of the night-bulbs gradually rolls down to the banyan-pods of the side-characters

the sharp archer of the star-apple moves away some furlongs from the usual word-stairs and swallowed a whole grammar with fumes by spoon

thus with the number of velocity-poems that the punjabi with boutique prints can produce… or will produce … gluttonous flower-vase of the magic-painter can make cool the slaughter-ground … spread to the horizons of the krishnachura that is deviated from its own track

by murari sinha

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