The Predator

he surfs the the rooms
looking for a victim
he has it down
he has a system

he can be shy and quiet
outgoing and friendly
once he targets you
he moves very smoothly

he gets you to talking
about yourself
he studies every word
keeping to himself

he asks lots of questions
want to be your friend
while you are talking
he's sucking you in

pulling you into his game
he will talk to you many times
doesnt care how long it takes
cause hurting you, is his pastime

he wants to steal from you
your heart, your soul
he has to hurt you to win
cause winning is his goal

he will do whatever it takes
waiting days, weeks, even years too
this is his game
he has nothing else to do

some will leave
after they get what they want
others keep coming back
just to flaunt

sometimes it's hard to tell a predator
until its too late
so please be careful who you trust
don't seal your fate

by sandy nobody

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