The Pregnancy

You planted this seed in me
You nurtured and helped it grow
You shaped and molded it from head to toe
You watched it grow through the different stages
Month by month and day by day
Not knowing what you were forming
Or should I say you didn't care
You would leave me starving
Which left my baby malnourished
Shortly after it was time for my baby to be delivered
I started feeling the pains at night
Something felt strange, it just didn't seem right
I called you once again to help me
Once again you were not there
So I had to deliver this baby alone
This baby you planted in me
Month by month and day by day
You said that you'd be home today
I guess you're not
So I will deliver without you
Might not be a pleasant sight
Lots of blood and pain
Here it comes
Screaming from the pain
It hurts
Why aren't you here
The baby is now here
Look how unique it is
I shall call my baby Revenge

by tonette copes

Comments (1)

As I began reading the poem it seemed so familiar to some many stories I have heard. This poem immediately had my focus, and than when it ended it really blew me away, Great job Tonette I cant wait to read more from this poet.