The Presence Of Christmas

May you open your hearts
To the less fortunate
Feel within their heart
And hug them with your love

May you see tears
Of such dreadful pain
Dry them with tears
Of such immense joy

May you now hear
Screams of agony
To the melody
Little Drummer Boy

May you taste poverty
Sleeping out in the cold
Embrace all that is good
And thank God for your health

by Richard Wlodarski

Other poems of WLODARSKI (1569)

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Nice one, Thank you for sharing
Wonderful poem, calling for empathy with the poor and those who are suffering. Empathy is the source of compassion and all good deeds. I hope many read this wonderful Christmas poem and act on it too. Excellent
Strong imagery grabs the attention of the reader, but this poem makes its point. Wish the benevolence and kindness seen this time of the year, would be a year-round practise. Thank you, Richard, for the reminder that we all need!
Thank you for your message, Richard. Happy New Year!
Belated merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, your family and friends Richard. Your poem is a true worship of your heart that beats for the poor and the downtrodden. I wish and pray that the blessed ones should celebrate Christmas at the doors of the cursed and share their blessing with them so as they might also feel the warmth of he Holy Spirit. A beautifully composed poem indeed.
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