VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

The Presence Of The Ghost

My feet are cold, wandering these night time floors
In my deepest rooted fears, from a nightmare cause
I hear the sound, more than I see it there
Cloaked and unseen, the presence, a chill in the air

Treading softly to a caution my heart beats strong
Nerves are sincere in my approach to the truth so long
A shift in the senses as something is so sinister
Mindful of my emotions the sixth warns to administer

A potent deception of my human dimension
Something binds between this fearful sensation
The tears of my torture falling like my courage
Throat is closing like a gauntlet gripping suffrage

A crossing over is witnessed in a dark visitation
From the bleak and the ashes comes an evil consultation
What is ahead from my room to corridor unfolding
A bravery sought now ebbs and starts corroding

It is there as my mind will speak for me
A sight of unholy allegiance, the horror of Cali
In the shadows something moves majestic and brutal
My new minutes, slowed, heavy and cruel

Vengeance is tasted in my stomach pit rejects
The nausea grows as this unbridled fear reflects
In my mind so vulnerable and childlike weeps
A hand of evil has clasped my heart, my effort seeps

The presentation of this figure the ghost of my downfall
Negative in emotion, for its employment is dreadful
Standing before me the minutes of my time grow short
This figure of lethality, unfolding of my darkest court

Tried in my life in an evening of so many years
Incepting of my moments I feel nothing but my fears
Lifting from my body like a clam from the shell
My soul in this deviants clasp, begins my descent to hell

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