MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! The Presence Of The Truly Great

Yes yes.. I’ve not forgotten that:
the presence of the great –

when destiny has brought you
to their presence; destiny
brought them, here, now, to you;

how in their presence, duality itself
is magnified: do your palms slightly sweat?

while unity is merely apprehended
as the world grows before your eyes?

Great crooks too – who believe
that the world, the oystered pearl, is theirs;

and those great souls: whose gift
it is, to know the world, and tell;

they show themselves; and you know that
you’re graced – but by the grace which, as they show,

is always there; is always here; and humbled by this show,
in surfeit of this taste of grace, then quietly you leave..

And they recede – or do they? – to
the sternest test: the memory:
a photograph, or record of their voice..

Now: look upon their image, but without regret;
for this, your sternest test; the duty of true unity:

they come to life again; again in you;
you carry them to show the world anew.

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