The Present

Famous lady will you come with me,
I would like to show you something.
Put on an ugly hat and glasses,
not meant to flatter you,
disguise your voice a little bit,
... just don't put away that smile.

South of town and then some,
beneath a little piece of sky,
in the middle of a great big chunk of quiet,
there is a virgin-almost lake that I would like to show you.

I believe that the moon is bigger there,
or maybe the reflection makes it seem that way,
it does not know about your fame,
and it truely does not care.

Your eyes will gather stars like they have not done in years,
and your ears will be befuddled by the quiet,
Your lungs will breathe night air so pure that you will
wonder how you got along without it.
The breeze will touch your hair so softly that it tickles you inside,
although it is slightly something else...
There is just one way to say it...
drink in the breeze and breathe the view,
that you only know from home!

So, let that smile loose,
take off those ugly glasses,
remove that frumpy hat,
and sing for all you're worth!

I hope that you don't mind, if I sit back and grin,
being pleased that you enjoyed this gift!

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (2)

Past, present, future. Looking good here. Liked the little line 'slightly something else... ' I guess, for it's soft alliteration.. -chuck
Wow! What a lovely romantic (did I say that) poem...This is really very beautiful! Do you really know of such a lake? ? Hugs, Dee