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Primeval My Love For The Woman I Love

PRIMEVAL my love for the woman I love,
O bride! O wife! more resistless, more enduring than I can tell, the
thought of you!
Then separate, as disembodied, the purest born,
The ethereal, the last athletic reality, my consolation,
I ascend--I float in the regions of your love, O man,
O sharer of my roving life.

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Wow awesome how you creatively inspire us to unwrap God's gifts. All divine imagery are divine gifts yes woww. Kudos for one of your masterpieces.
Man's best chance to shine always comes with the dawn, As caution is thrown to the wind. And his expectations? No need of repair, The future's not his to defend! you live in faith, and your courage and optimism comes from God. thank u for giving us and stressing the aspect of faith...... thank u dear poet. tony
Beautiful piece of poetry, elegantly brought forth in good rhyme scheme with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing.
THE PRESENT! GOD'S GIFT TO MAN! is beautifully written. The message it conveys is very clear and illuminating. That the present is alluring. The past is a stale cheque while the future is a post dated cheque. The present the now holds the keys to our bliss. It behoves us as humans to pray so that God can open our eyes so that we can see what rightfully belongs to us for the moment.
The future's not his to defend! He rises to stand on the legs of a fawn, God's present he leaves in God's care! life and its problems and worries and the chances it offers for one who believes. thank you dear poet. tony