The Present Is Mine

Poem By ashok jadhav

The past was past,
But the present is mine,
What our dream is star like shine,
The curse was called,
And the worse was called,
And inhuman deeds were not to last.

Heart was lion stayed unmoved,
And cunning mischievers became restless,
But crafty efforts remained fruitless,
Ours was a truth unvioleted,
And digging black-holes remained unproved,

As I met to my present,
And I extended get friendship,
We became intimates and present assured me,
That it would be truthful,
And helpful forever,
And consoled and warned me of,
Let go the past for it was not to last,
And what you long, present is there to further cast.

And pronounced me, because,
The past was past,
But the present is yours.

Henceforth dear, present would be ours,
And we are earnest to find our ways,
And knocked so doors, rich and poors,
But none was there to give some sure,
But we meditated deeply as a wise,
And left homes to sought our prize,

Suffered more, but remained calm,
Never complained,
But boldly met situations,
And never shown our palms,
And present was but,
An age old sage, he who knows,
What our past and what would be time there in present,
And preached us all to be firm you shall,
Search in present, there is all recent,
Find there peace and happiness,
And warming garments.

And we as a genius, cherished dreams,
And bright sun shedded slowly her beams,
And ours term was to enquire present,
And centered around and became descent.

Because, past was past, so it is lost,
But the present is mine,
And there is to glitter,
And star like shine.

Your Cartoon dear.


Comments about The Present Is Mine

The maxim of life and the essence of happiness truly lies in this very moment- the present. So nicely presented. Thanks for sharing. The past was past.... But the present is yours. Henceforth dear, present would be ours, Find there peace and happiness,

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