The Prestigious Individual

Dare be yourself
When discovering your paths of life.
There may be some seemingly dark clouds
Even boredom, misery and strife.
But the struggle of the load
Is how you discover your road.
For the spirit of nothing conquered
Expected to be achieved.
If you didn't show it stamina
And approached it with determined dignity.

Live for yourself.
Dare to be who you are.
Not some man made individual.
Who will let others
Determine your destiny
Proclaiming you won't get far.
For The Prestigious Individual
Uses their own mind.
Cultivating their intellectual intelligence
By never wasting time.

They tune into themselves
They aren't afraid to be different.
They know God has invested in them
And they realize their significance.
They lay into their dreams
Full throttle ahead
Neither do they listen
To the gossip that is said.
They never seek to satisfy the crowd
Making those who care feel godly proud.

They trust themselves
With all their heart.
They never run from fear
Of making a new start.
Spending hours sometimes years
Pushing through blinding tears.
Struggling for their goals
Making ways for another.
Looking at them climb
Could make others shudder.

Just to be yourself
Makes a world of difference.
Simply, to know who you are
And what you want out of life
Will take you, automactically,
No telling how far.
The Prestigious Individual
They believe what they do
They make their lives examples
For the encouragement of all youth.

They speak of the future
As though its already been.
They accomplish their endeavors
With enthusiasm, happiness and a grin.
Because what The Prestigious Individual
Confidently already knows
Is how much they can accomplish
While others just stand by
And only, groundessly,
Guess at what he knows.

by Cecelia Weir

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