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The Pretend Easter Bunny (With A Nonet Segueway)
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Pretend Easter Bunny (With A Nonet Segueway)

The Pretend Easter Bunny (With Nonet Segueway)

Who’s Santa Claus and Easter Bunny?
They help us believe the unseen
We grow up and they vanish.
Who are they? Where are they?
Some say no one real.
Some say they live
Deep inside
Where love

The little lame rabbit’s ears twitched.
He heard a soft crying in the ditch.
Past the pond, in the reeds, near the tracks.
Carefully he approached, ready to dash back.

A small girl with tangled curls sat in the tall grass.
She wore a torn dress, and was a tiny, fragile lass.
He preened his ears and fluffed his fur,
Then scuttled a bit closer to her.

He hid behind a wild cucumber plant.
“My dear, I’d like to come closer, but I can’t.
You should be happy. Tomorrow is Easter. Why do you cry? ”
Her nose was pink. Tears trembled in her eyes.

“Someone told me Easter Bunny only likes children with money.”
The rabbit forgot to hide. “That’s so not true, it’s not even funny! ”
“Last year, I waited and waited for Easter Bunny to come,
But he never did, and I felt so dumb.”

Edging close he said, “Maybe he didn’t know your address.”
Her eyes got bigger and her lips quivered. “I’m homeless.”
“Well, there you are. He just couldn’t find you.”
Maybe he will this time, and maybe you’ll get a basket, too.”

“Where will you be tomorrow at dawn? ”
I always play right here.” Suddenly she yawned.
“Well, why don’t you go and get your rest,
And I’ll try to find Easter Bunny, and give him this address.”

Feeling troubled, little Brown Bunny limped away toward the mill.
He paused as he heard shouting in the big house on the hill.
He peeked in the window. Little Penelope ranted and raved.
“Penelope! You threw your lovely Easter Basket away! ”

“I hate that basket! I want more chocolate bunnies! ”
“Okay! Okay! I’ll get them for you honey.”
Cautiously Brown Bunny limped to the trash,
Ready to streak away in a flash.

He found a beautiful Easter basket in a clean box perched in the trash,
Filled with jelly beans, colored candy eggs – CRASH!
Another box was thrown from the house.
It held a stuffed toy rabbit, a chocolate bunny and a big green bow.

Brown Bunny waited until it was dark.
He filled the basket with Easter candy saying, “This is a lark! ”
Except, I look so drab. I know! ”
He put on the toy bunny’s green jacket and closed it with the bow.

Early Easter morning, he limped back to the ditch.
The little girl was in her usual niche.
Brown Bunny was about to give her the basket and run,
She called, “Please stay! ” She wore a new dress that sparkled in the sun.

She held a huge Easter Basket as she stood in the plants of the ditch.
He slowly gave her the basket, but his nose twitched.
She said, “Early this morning a big rainbow colored rabbit came.
He gave me all these pretty things and said, ‘Please give this letter to the bunny who is lame.’ ”

It read, “Please follow this map to my home in the sky. It’s really close by.
You won’t have to walk, you’ll find you can fly.
I need you to help me find children like her.
And, PLEASE take off that silly jacket. You look great in brown fur! ”

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