Fur Baby

Dear face, Oh precious face
You stole my heart away
How in myself could I say no
To you the way you begged

My home's a mess with presents plenty
I step on them each day
Why do my shoes taste so delicious
Another toy to play

Oh joy of joy, my little heart
My love has grown with you
No longer are you very small
Somehow you grew so huge

Where has that little puppy gone
No more puddles on the floor
Although I miss the little you
I am happy you found the door

Fur baby so sweet you melt my heart
Plus now I'm never alone
In you, dear friend is my joy
You make our house a home


by Donald R Wolff JR

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Hyena Meena and Mamma...interesting...it appears as if the poor man has aldredy been kiked a hundred times by Mamma prior to this occasion...10