The Prettiest Pentium Princess In The World!

The one I love's such a sweetie,
She really looks so cute -
Yet she knows PCs completely -
My babe is quite astute!
She truly digs the Internet
With emails up to here!
While other girlies choose to fret,
She proves a pioneer!
She went to College, learnt a lot
And passed exams as well!
She put the teachers on the spot -
She's got so much to tell!
With static-wristband off she goes!
That modem's going in!
Those useless files come to a close,
Moved to the Refuse Bin!
Her website gets a million hits!
She's famous yet still nice!
That's why I love that girl to bits!
It's great that she's so wise!
She's getting richer every day -
She takes me out each night!
Not once has she asked me to pay -
That's perfectly alright!
I'm saving up to buy a ring
To seal our happiness!
Who makes me feel like I'm a King?
My Pentium Princess!

by Denis Martindale

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