(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Price For This Paid Is Obvious

Looking for quantity over substance?
A quality has been drained.
Seductions induced...
To produce brains limited of depth.
Accepted on surfaces entertained,
They are!
Even samples rejected,
Disturbs and upsets!
And yet...
A nourished maturity does not occur,
Without comprehended thought.
With curiousity and a patience endured.
There grows a lost production,
Only availing damaged goods.
And the price for this paid is obvious.
Explanations go dismissed of this!
Continued debates insist to assist decay!
As a plummeting business,
Remains misunderstood!
A marketing of blight,
Isn't moving as it should!
The demographics have stopped traffic.
Tainted products have stopped a demand!
And the dumping of waste...
Spreads over once precious land!

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