You Can'T Go

I'm not worried,
you'll be fine.
But what if...
it's your time?
It can't be.
Not yet.
I still need you.
Your so young.
There's so much we haven't done yet.
You can't go,
not now.
I don't think I'd ever be able to get over it.
My grandmother would probably never forgive me.
She loves you.
I love you.
My mother loves you.
Hannah loves you
and so does her father and her sister and her brother and their dog and their cat.
Everyone loves you.
You can't go.
Who'll greet me with kisses when I come home?
Who's gonna keep me company?
Who's gonna stand guard by my feet?
Who's gonna kiss me every chance they get?
Who's gonna make me laugh?
Who's gonna play with me 24/7?
Who's gonna jump all over me?
Who's gonna sit on my lap?
Who's gonna bark when I ignore them?

by LaTisha Parkinson

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