BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

The Price Was Paid

Jesus Christ paid it all for you and me on that hill called Calvary.
He spent His blood on that tree, and the cost to you and I is free.
The price was paid for sin you see, but it was the sin of you and me.
Jesus paid the price, yes indeed, and on that day Christ set us free.

God decided in eternity past, to set a price that would forever last.
But there was not a lot to cast, for only Jesus can forgive your past.
Many people were totally aghast to see Christ treated as an outcast.
Although beaten and harassed, His love remained pure and steadfast.

By His own, rejected and accused, and sentenced by that body of Jews.
Understood by just a few, “forgive them as they know not what they do.”
Christ’s cry to God to forgive the Jews echoes today for me and you.
But in light of Scripture when we choose, we know exactly what we do.

I never perused God like I ought and I’m the one whom God had sought.
The Word I wasn’t taught and my knowledge of Him was close to naught.
But all things by God are wrought, no matter what I learned or thought.
Even the unrighteous who vainly fought, by Jesus Christ were bought.

On the cross rejected and downcast, His love is a Heavenly contrast.
His love alone so deep and vast, to this very day goes unsurpassed.
And the souls for evil that Satan amassed, into the fire Christ will cast.
Satan’s evil will soon be past and God’s Righteousness will forever last.

For in the end all will see, and not only those who truly believed.
And all of those who remain deceived will be dealt with accordingly.
His Blood redeemed all who believe and eternal life they will receive.
And His Blood purchased all the deceived to be cast into Hell eternally.

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