'The Priced Flows'

Poem By Paul Andrew Bourne

the old, new, encounter
a cry of contagious flows
watered in
equality has its base
as it gently
rode through the corridors of time
with refreshing droplets

like mist on a tongue
that's felt for dead
the taste - delay realities

the incoming cool waters
of transparent make
gushed in with unison

from a mastered cistern
that opened its bowels
to release self of burden

whistle fully glided
across the sun tanned
in a battle's rage-
that parade in regal splendour
and so, will live the full of its days
in a phantom's memoir

while the matured unnutured breeze
kept us mortals guessing
of its next presence

all toxic waste
from beneath their dead
‘til their dead
mesmerize our very patience

I saw the earth in its void
opened with an orchestral flair
by shedding its former fruits
while not swallowing an off spring-
in an astonishing daylight!

it was as though Noah's Era
had revisited this sinful land, again!
but this time in mercy's dosage
‘cause some remains awoke
in large numbers

but; just that the new preacher's
mute, was the land's curse
for roads, animals, vegetations
mark our engineering greatness

the mandate showered in transparent
but that only on completion
did our blood scream in anguish
from the realism
of the call

the avenue taken
had a lesson
best interpreted... ah, ah

for the price we pay
insomnia is here
before we could recognize
that our engineers
had bankrupt our cheque books
the gods levied their wrath

our losses are spread
by the unfolded wings of an eagle
in small amounts
like sand in a hand

as greatness formed by ‘man'
packed themselves together
and fled to tomorrow's anger

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