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The Pride Of Millstreet Town

I do recall the long gone years when I was naive and young
In the place where Finnow flowed to meet the Cails with ever babbling tongue
She was in her early twenties then with shoulder length hair of brown
And she surely was a beauty queen the Pride of Millstreet Town,
I recall the local young men of the time fell for her in a big way
But the bug of wander was in her in Millstreet she did not stay
In the mid fifties on an April Morning in the Spring when she was in her prime
She left the Town by Clara Hill for her first and final time
In the old Town by the Finnow she was not seen again
But despite more than fifty years of time the memories remain
Of one so down to earth and beautiful in the prime of her life
Perhaps to some lucky foreign man she became a lovely wife
And that she raised her children distant from Millstreet Town
Duhallow's uncrowned beauty queen with sholulder length hair of brown.

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