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The Pride Of Millstreet

With shoulder length wavy hair of hazel brown
She bloomed like a fair rose in the Duhallow town
And eyes of dark blue as blue as the ripened sloe
With the warmth of sunshine in her cheerful hello

A beautiful woman then in her life's prime
Though this is going back near six decades in time
She hailed from near the place where the rivers do meet
The beautiful and charming Pride of Millstreet

In her early twenties vivacious and bright
One of the fairest in the Star Ballroom on the weekly dance night
But the wanderlust in her for the big World out there
And her life's journey from Millstreet led her to places elsewhere

Cannot say if she married and gave birth to children and cannot even say
If she is deceased or living today
Far from old Duhallow where her life's journey began
And where she grew into a beautiful young woman

One i was never to lay eyes on again
And only the memories with me now remain
Of the beautiful one from near where the rivers do meet
When i was a boy she was the Pride of Millstreet.

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