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The Prince Of Darkness

The Prince Of Darkness

I forgive you for your lies and your indiscretions.
I can't forget them though.
I understand you are weak and operate from fear.
My journey is to the light.
Yours is to seek out the darkness.
You play on the dark energies of desperate women.
Eventually, this makes you weak.
You then seek me out to drink of my light.
You walk away empowered by my light
and I am left weakened by your dark.
You are now empowered to find your next victim.
The light will last only briefly.
Soon you are burdened with your heavy, dark energy.
I am now renewed
Again, you seek out my light.
You want my power. You crave my goodness.
You walk away with my light.
Once again you are on the hunt for more dark play.
You have become the Prince of Darkness.
There really are no victims. We are all volunteers.

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