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The Prince Of The Forest
KN (April 26,1942 / Lincoln, Nebraska)

The Prince Of The Forest

Even in the hushed silence
of this road through thick woods
the bike's' rubber tires
are almost soundless.

Lost in thought,
I become aware of something up ahead
standing motionless in the middle of the road.

Getting a little closer, I can see,
standing stock still,
staring at me,
a magnificent male coyote.

Putting myself in his position,
I can imagine he's having trouble
coming up with an explanation for me,
this object silently moving toward him
without any apparent gait or lumber,
never varying the direction in which it moves
but inexorably coming closer to him.

When I get within fifty yards
I stop.
Both feet on the ground now,
straddling the bike,
I stand and stare at him,
just as he stands and
stares at me.

Then he spins and trots into the woods,
never looking back.

The majesty of this animal
was striking.
His lush multi-colored coat
fit him like a tailored robe.
And his demeanor spoke of
responsibilities and
decisions to be made.

I was but a trifle and easily dismissed.

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Wonderful. How fine to meet with such a prince of nature. Thanks for sharing this moment.