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The Privileged Minority

They are on the right side of the social divide
The privileged people who have god on their side
But sadly most of their sort on many others look down
There are many snobs living in every town
It is human flaws that humanity has to thank
For snobbery and class distinction and social rank
Of food and homes to live in so many of must go in need
The main source of poverty can be traced to human greed
Between those who have and have not the gap is widening by the day
And this seems a sad enough thing for to say
There are millions of people hungry and homeless and sleeping rough
And the super wealthy minority with far more than enough
Who enjoy life at the top of the social divide
The privileged minority who have god on their side.

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A thoughtful and well penned poem. Life is not fair and there are those who think they are privileged but maybe they have no souls i just pity them and get on with living cause that's what life's for Great write 10++++