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The Privileged

They have with them body guards at all times and are driven in chaffeur driven cars
And their lives seen to many as important these big Hollywood movie stars
Stories and photos of them in glossy magazines of their lives and their every love affair
To many the heroes and heroines the impressionable are never rare.

So conceited and arrogant 'twould seem their fame it has gone to their head
They live so detached from the real World and so much of them written and said
Whilst millions are homeless and hungry and living in dire poverty
Their only fight is for survival the unfairness of inequality.

Detached from the real World it would seem yet many interested in their lives
The female stars cheat on their husbands the male stars they cheat on their wives
They do not take marriage too seriously they enjoy their bit on the side
The extra marital affairs seem part of their marriage contract and in their sexual conquests they take pride.

Yet one must wonder about those who look up to them do they have any lives of their own
How can anybody look up to somebody that to them in most ways are unknown
And millions are homeless and hungry doesn't life seem so very unfair
And the have nots must fight for survival in the bigger World out there?

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