(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Probe Of Ripping Critics

Block me from your view,
From your sight if you have to!
Will I still exist...
To express myself like this?
I didn't wait for you to discover,
Where I find 'myself' coming from.
In fact,
You are now where I've been...
At a beginning,
A place I have worked hard to ascend.

And what I do has always been exposed,
Right in front of you...
And those with a gossiping nose!
And blocking 'this' part of what I do,
To get me away from you...
Doesn't change 'me' at all.
Since I've been blessed and gifted...
Whether or not you were here,
Or even if 'you' existed!

I'm not waiting for you to approve of me,
Like others that you have 'done' and 'do'.
I am here being the 'me' I am!
And you are a fool,
If you think my purpose...
Is to focus my time wasted here,
Just on you!

And let me say this,
Before you begin to 'trip'...
I've been blessed to be given,
Many other 'gifts'!
Some of which have withstood the blows,
Of bored yawning audiences...
And the probe of ripping critics!

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some very memorable lines in this fine work, LP. great read. -Tailor