(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Process

Leave them alone!
You pose a threat,
To their process.
Their process?
What Process?
Their process doesn't exist! '

That's why you must leave them alone.
They are not aware of it.
And you...
Trying to get them to make some sense,
Is upsetting.
Just go along with it.

'Go along with what? '
The 'process'.
'But it doesn't exist.'

You know it and I know it.
Why can't you just leave it alone...
And let them pretend?
Why is it so important to you,
That they become aware and conscious?

There are several other charities,
To which you can donate your time and efforts.
In this case...
These minds have already been wasted.
Trust me.
Why do you think I whisper to you?
There are only a few of us left with the power to think.
Trust me?
Why do you think I whisper to you?

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