(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Process Of This Test

I can not escape from the fact,
From acknowledging that my faith...
Kept intact,
Has proven to have eliminated...
My doubts and fears with each step forward,
I have manage to embrace with a wiping away tears.
Regardless of regrets and those mistakes I have made.
And others that may come until my journey is done.

Learning from experiences to reflect and to reminisce,
The facing of obstacles to remove their existence...
Was not a choice from a list but a commitment,
To remain focused even though challenges persisted.
And admitting there were times,
I felt I couldn't take anymore hills to climb to find mountains.
Yet trusting in myself strenghtens with faith continued,
As my mind accepts the process of this test we call life.

With each step,
I have learned to accept...
And not reject,
The process of this test we know as life!

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Well penned and radiant. I feel you.