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The Producer's Spiel
DS (270552 / Australia)

The Producer's Spiel

Tell me a story or give me your pitch.
Fiction or factual, I couldn't care which.
Dress it with action - adventure - romance.
Throw in some humour and spice it with chance.

Tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Grab my attention with gory detail.
Nothing's too hoary for the muckraker's eye,
for many a truth's revealed by lie.

Tell me a story. Spin me a yarn.
I promise to listen however far gone.
Of full cloth or fable or when we were young,
and life's tender journey had barely begun.

Tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Colour with splashes of passion's betrayal.
Cachet with intrigue, play loose with the scales,
wrench the full pathos of young love that fails.

Tell me a story. Tell me your lies.
Make yourself hero or flee in disguise.
Give me a black hat we all can despise;
increase his dimensions and bulk up his size.

Tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Tell it in wide screen or fine epic braille.
Innocence corrupted and flung into jail;
justice is thwarted that can't meet the bail.

Tell me a story. Give me your script.
Fill it with zombies now raised from the crypt.
Good-looking monsters and full breasted ghouls;
buckets of blood and shrill shrieking fools.

Tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Of knights in light armour in quest of the grail.
Of castles and dragons and weird wizened trolls;
the arseholes that guard the brim cauldrons of souls.

Tell me a story or lay out your stitch.
Weave webs of mystery in full gothic kitsch.
How in order there's chaos and the cascading hitch;
or how crime could be perfect were it not for the snitch.

Tell me a story. Tell me your dreams.
Do you wrap a bad conscience in grim fearful themes?
Composing in torment and half conscious streams,
your arcane concoctions and strange harebrained schemes.

Tell me a story. Tell me a tale.
Of high-flying tycoons and grand plans derailed.
Tell me a story. Of the rank, jaded rich.
You have the full minute to give me your pitch.

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