The Professor

Poem By William Hill

The Professor

Brilliant beyond measure, the classroom is her domain
Dancing with the devil, can make one go insane
The devil in a red dress, temptress, aphrodite
Being around this woman makes one feel mighty

Is there really a God, now ponder this my friend
False apocalypse, we live in a world without end
Christ the awakened one never left, he's still here
So there's nothing to worry about, nothing to fear

Nothing to fear, but fear itself, it'll drive you mad
So smile now, this is life, no need to be sad
Always be mindful of your emotions, be here now
Universal polarities, this is the Tao

Do your thing human, this is your story to write
Be bold, be brave, there is no need to put up a fight
Just allow your greatness to happen, stay the course
Light and Dark, we are the stars, star wars, now use the force

Trying not to try, it flows through you and around you
Ask yourself always, what is false and what is true?
Individual psychology, seek, know thyself
Know thyself beyond the self, not some book on a shelf

Just another brick in the wall, no we are not
Or are we? I know that all these questions are a lot
Try thinking outside the box, now walk your own path
The middle way, the high road, can you do the math?

Let's keep it basic my friend no complications
Now these deep questions require some contemplations
A butterfly in the sky, flies ever so high
Be smart my friends, you must never stop asking why.

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