The Prom

The spotlight brightens, the music begins
The drinks go back, I no it’s a sin
I could be at home my eating lunch
I could be at school drinking punch
But no I’m here, Knocking back beer
This is so much cooler
Than being supervised by miss baler
I love this song, so I’ll dance all-night long
I twirl and spin, more bodies join in
We all start to sing
No need for formal or Ball dance waltz
Just lots of pushing, and Several assaults
I jump and I leap, from one side to another
I Feel just the music, never any other.
It 2am
And people fighting again
For the popular girl, that all men want
Little miss queen b Sarah Vermont
I laugh and sigh, this just isn’t her week
Her date is getting beat, by the school’s top geek
So we go back inside, my friends and I
The hype in this room, is like a time bomb
This is a real anit-prom.
I wonder who will get the crown
But until then we will jump around
That’s until the cops close us down.

by amber shoremarston

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