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The Promenade
LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)

The Promenade

The quiet of the night, almost eery yet serene; peaceful. Crickets playing lryics to the wind as it picks up leaves and swirls and dips them in all directions.

Walking in peace for only the darkness allows you to surrender your-self from day-to-day head aches. Watching the leaves dance and trees swaying to the music the wind and crickets create.

The only thought is of the one you shove in the back of your mind. Of eyes watching you. Alittle paranoia keeps the mind healthy.

Breathe. In, then out.

In, then out.

Relax. Thats it.

Let the night take you away if only for awhile.

Let the night sounds soothe you as you dread the awakening hours

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