The Promise.

I often sit and think of you. I often speak your name.
I often look at photographs, but that is not the same,
As having you beside me. Your arms to hold me tight.
Whispering sweet nothings, in the stillness of the night.

My darling. God. He called you to the comfort of His home.
He'd noticed you were weary. He decided you should come
And serve him as an Angel. Your life on Earth being through.
But honey, God killed part of me the day that he took you.

We'd known it was to happen, but it happened very quick.
After all that we'd been warned about, you weren't even sick.
You knew when death crept up on you, my heart, it broke in two
My soul~mate, I am always and forever missing you.

If I could turn the clock back, if we could start anew,
We'd do it all so differently, you might still be here too.

But I hold on to the promise that you, my darling, made to me.
The second that you keep it, is the time when we will be,
Re~united in the Promised Land. My love, I cannot wait,
To take your hand and follow you, through Heaven's pearly gate.

by Lizzy Tomlinson

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