(10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

The Prophecy Of The Past Says It All

Roots buried in asphalt
Unable to come on out
Clean slated Non existent
Belligerence caused
By those who are self-inflicted
Trying to be something bigger
Than the smallness
They see themselves in the mirror

Left for dead and forgotten
A history of peace
Made to look evil inside fate's burlaps
To say of its existence
Causes lots of pain
Inflicted by the false prophets
Human flesh dressed in golden pageantry
Tyrants standing on the throats of their masses

Troubling scene
Erasing all of history
To speak of it
Causes great aghast
To the righteousness
The cleansers of anything else
But theirs and theirs alone

The roots were once proud
And stemmed their love all around
Never once did any harm
Created love and rejoice
To even those
That felt left out

Forgotten and buried
A dirge forbidden to be sung
A lament drowned out by savagery
Unmarked sentiments
Deleted then falsely amassed

The victors
Splendor in their interpretation
But with at least love in anything
Comes the memory of the forgotten
Somehow, Faith in tact

So perhaps
The defeated won
In the longest run of them all
Upon folklore and tales
Something sacred
That the forgotten can finally grasp

Someday the roots will come back out
Joining together to build a giant tree of love
Standing so strong and so proud
As all rejoice in the celebration
Of its arrival

Someday, Somehow
The roots may even grow
Into a forest
Full of giant trees of love
Killing all greed and deception
Freeing all minds in relaxation

To a dream amongst a bigger dream
This heart of rejoice never beat out
For it was always around
To be heard by
Foreign ears of openness
In the percussion of nature
Beating a native tongue
To the drums of what once was sacred
In the name of peace and love, intact

And the world would evolve
In a spectacle it has never known
Stronger than ever, in fact

Someday, Dreamers will be free to dream
Never being told they are exempt

May the forest of harmony
Become stronger than it has ever been before

Dreamers are the truest achievers of love
Trying to fix the knot
Within the hearts of the cold
Those false flesh prophets
Using fear to rule over others
In the ire of the god they only see in themselves

There are more than more of these dreamers
Then there are of those powerful some

No matter what people believe
No matter how successful one might seem

All I know is one thing…
There is nothing more powerful than love

Even the poor can achieve more
Than the rich
With true love and love alone

Sync in to the essence of love
Hear the beauty of nature all around

Sync in, in the name of love
Then everything shall be beautiful

The prophecy of the past says it all

by James Darwin Smith II

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