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The Prophesy The Meek The Earth Will Inherit

There's a prophesy that the meek the Earth will inherit
Though I don't think I will live to see that day
At least 'twould seem it is a long time in coming
And now from us it seems further away

Than it was three decades back when I was younger
In a World of wars and famines and disease
In the crowded refugee camps of our Planet
It is said that there are thirty million refugees.

The prophesy the meek the Earth will inherit I won't live to see fulfilled
But for the billions of have nots I hope it will come true
A few super rich control the most of the World's finances
And for the many less fortunate a change of fortune is overdue.

In the twenty first century billions know of want and suffering
But one has to ask how long can this go on
Perhaps in some future day the meek the Earth will inherit
Though by then the life from me will have long gone.

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