JF (July 30,1991 / virgina)

The Proposal

It was a moonlight dinner when the sky was clear.
The stars shine bright.
The moon is white like freshly fallen snow.
We go to a fancy restaurant.
We eat and after take a walk on the beach.
As we walk along the beach, the waves touch our feet.
The water is not to hot and not to cold.
It is just right for this night.
We stop, sit, and relax while starring at the sky.
I look at u with your brown hair and beautiful green eyes.
I sit up reach into my pocket.
Pull out a small case.
Open it.
U see a ring.
The ring has a golden band with a diamond
The diamond is clear-cut in the shape of a heart.
Engraved in the inner part of the ring.
Says together forever.
I ask u to marry me.

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