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The Proposal (A Long Long Time Ago)
KC Kevin Campbell (06 Dec 1960 / Hamilton Scotland)

The Proposal (A Long Long Time Ago)

Ive got a job thats so pathetic, and my girlfriends
Just rejected my proposal to her
And I must have looked pathetic
When I got down on my knees and said the words

Marry me I.ll make you happy
I, ll remain devoted till the day I die
Marry me I, ll make you happy
Well you know I, ll try

Youjust looked at me and smiled
You said 'my poor sweet child' that can never be
You see I dont love you, I dont even think of you
When were apart
And although you make me happy
Theres only a small place here in my heart

And my job is so pathetic and my girlfriends just rejected
My proposal to her
But Im f****d if I, ll give in
I, ll just take it with a grin
Hey wheres that bottle again

Marry me I, llmake you happy
Life could be such fun when your living with a fool
And my job is still pathetic
Life is just to hectic
Heywheres that bottle again

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