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The Proposal (Act Two)
MM Matt Mondschein (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

The Proposal (Act Two)

The proposal,
just gentle words
on paper with pen,
softly spoken
swept away with the wind
A moment in time
my heart, rhyming,
expressing it's desire
for you to be mine
Has that time passed
gone as if a fading dream
was the reality of a family
much more than it seamed
Questions that echo
replied by the answer of tears
never knowing, love,
will soon drown me, I fear
So I pass my time
on the edge of a memory
back to a not so distant we,
where times weren't always perfect, but
I knew you loved me
Grasping to hope
though I'm gripped by despair
I'm searching for a part of your heart
for me, that still cares
Always and forever
till there is no time
we will be together
if only in mind
with or without you
I'll get on with my life
but I'm begging God to bless me
please be my wife

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It is a masterpiece in the way you did these writings. First the Proposal, and now I am not sure if your proposal was taken as said or if somewhere in between some things have gone wrong. I feel in what you said when things turn up in our life, somehow it reminds us of something in the past-which makes us feel somehow our not getting or knowing what love is has cost us our future. I realize it is like you're fighting what is happening, what has happen, and hoping that with God's help she will be your wife or remain. Many well wishes sending your way....very good write.... I'm hoping..