The Pros Of Prose And Poetry

Always there are those,
Proclaiming their expertise...
Between a narrative that is expressed.
And taking written lines to have them rhyme,
To define intellectually...
Whether what is done,
Is either prose or poetry to preview as viewed...

The pros of prose and poetry labor to rate,
Content, subject matter and delivery that takes...
The reader from one place to imagine,
Where it is the composer describes an escape.
With emotions flowing feeling them near,
Or transported to envision something fantasized.
And safe.

But those who write to unite both interpretations,
Confusing descriptions to depict within limits...
Are often inspired by insights more exciting,
Than trying to impress...
The pros of prose and poetry to address,
What is or is not the best and correct effect...
To use and not abuse a craft one attempts,
Creative and innovative ways to explore.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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