The Prospector's Parable

When Summer came, I looked for gold! I found it in her hair!
Such was the glory to behold, it really wasn't fair!
I went in search for sapphires! I found them in her eyes!
Where dazzling beauty conspires, intent on causing sighs!
I found two rubies in her cheeks each time she blushed with glee!
Her teeth like pearls a diver seeks deep down defiantly!
Yet all these treasures truly pale when compared to her soul
The true romantic's 'Holy Grail', the wise man's only goal...
To find a girl to love for life! The woman of your dreams!
Perhaps the one to be your wife! At least that's how it seems!
To sacrifice one's all for love, to start a family,
Remembering the Lord above has caused these things to be!
What use is life without a friend, someone that you hold dear?
That's why I'll love her till the end when silver hairs appear!
Beyond this world the soul endures - this truth I count sublime!
No more the need for doctors' cures... transcending space and time...

by Denis Martindale

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