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The Proximity Of Silence
( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

The Proximity Of Silence

Poem By Dr subhendu kar

As time moves tenderly
I step into the lap of my desires
yet divine as when rambled
by the will eternal within

yet beyond my earthly longing
as prevailed upon the plexus
of love as bespoken of repose
when poised by the gleams of bliss

as when resourced yet not besotted
by the lust as I promise to rave
with the smiles of rose being reveled
by the faith of trust as absolute,

and I beseech to the greatness
to strengthen the arms yet being shined
by the grace as bestowed upon me
when I move across the angel’s wing

trudging of sun from east to west
as the journey never yet deadlocked
yet its wind as I come across curves in me
as when the time never descends slow.

Yet the voices melodious wakes me up
With its tunes in the deepest core of the night
like a tendered beauty pervading in rose
the inner being even when bemused by the will

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Comments (3)

Dr. SK, Very nice, melodious, and calming. Regards, Don
'As time moves tenderly I step into the lap of my desires' I wish I'd written these exquisite lines. They are a beautiful introduction to a poem about spiritual growth and the sweetness of experiencing the soul within. Thanks for lifting my spirit on your poetic wings. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Hi Dr Kar! Excellent! When poised by the gleams of bliss, these melodious voices you can't resist! Well done! ! ! *10*! ! ! Thad