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The Pump Atrophied
(1984 / 'Lowell, Mass.')

The Pump Atrophied

I said, ' To leave me, and borderline the rest, will kill me. I will be desecrated.'

To this She replied, 'Never cared, you, said I was God, but never tithed to me, used my name in couragous vain, and hated.'

Never I saw to this again, left then and will not return.
Cannot makeup for saying her God was a lie.
In her words, 'When you die, you will burn'.
My pump was taken and frosted with fluorescent dye.

I can't apologize, because it was all true.
But the Burnam Wood, still marched and overcame this,
coveyed to me that 'love' is out of veiw,
Hearing the lips sing and never to feel the kiss.

She told me to die.

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