Poem Hunter
The Pupil
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Pupil

You believe the Earth is flat
where you can see to the end of it
and in the seeing you can
control this world...
You can measure it
and own it
and rule over it supreme
like a card King -
this kingdom of yours
predictable in that,
as long as you stay on top of its
smooth surface
everything will be perfect and
you will not fall off...

I believe the Earth is round...
I have not seen this with my own
eyes, but my hope is invested in it.
I rely on the gravity of
my emotions
to be able to move about and
maybe sing a few songs...
I do not know whether,
one day,
this gravity will fail me and
whether I might simply drift away
in space...
But I will dance along merily
until such time I find out!

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Comments (2)

I enjoyed the last comment by Mrs Nieman about one of my issues because I believe she is a master of sensuality. Here she's talking about the childhood's world. A part of this world is together with us again. This pupil is lucky, anyway. I shall end with a song, this author loves the songs: 'Thou' you're apart, you're part of me still....'.
Just lose your doubt and no longer will your whys be about!