The Puppet

Had all been over in a moment
I would have said 'Damn it'.
Had these abstractions been strewn
Like poor verses around
Still I would say 'Damn it'..

How can I, a suppliant you reduced me to.
I offered my heart like an opened book,
Wherein you pricked into words and notations
And have cunningly read through
My loose connotations..

My high head of a tiger is slowly stooping,
My howls in humiliation turning out to be
Soft prayer for alms.
Breaking down in loneliness now, I, a bit graying

Inferno towering in my sould, sweating
But you are growing prettier everyday
While I am choking in sentiments
You are jingling like pop songs on other side
Everybody eyes me with pity these days
But you could invent a bewitched lizard
In the lonely room.

Day by day I am getting coward
My own shadow seemed an assailant the other day
But pretty you touching your prettier self in the mirror
With laughter you are fixing my lovely face
By your insane bridle.

I get up, sit or sleep as and when
You wished, But waking up I felt
Had the matter been over in a moment
May be still I would say 'Let it be'....

translated by Barin Ghoshal


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