Having those tremendous nightmares
when theres chills throught the
cold blooded body.
as your not here to warm me up.
Im stricken stiff and im missing you
you can never be here.
Seeing you only everyother day or week.
My heart aches when your not here.
Graduation in in the dark blue cap and gown.
the ignition began as im dricing
6 hours away.

I look beside me as an empty seat awakens.
I cant keep going as every minute ticks by
all I can think about is you.
The car stops
as trears begin hitting the wheel.
The bright light is ablinding
how it happend.
why did this happen to me I dont understand
I should have followed you and given up my dream.
because now all i do is cry,
for you.

by Erin Hanson

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