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The Pursuit Of Happiness
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Cradle to pre-school,
Born and bred.
Lead straight to the alter with dream in our heads.

High School or college may come in between,
But somehow or another it develops into the same theme.

Babies & birthdays,
Baseball & Scouts.
To little, to late time spills out.

Troubled waters, marriage number three.
Pursuit to long jevity is far from thee.

Wakeful heart, linger we lay.
Try as we might to look & play.
Like its simple and plan.
Clear & calm, nothing to awaken the unhappiness in us all.

Children we raise see what we are.
They remember us from when we forgot who we are.
Words we say when angered or roused,
Leaves footprints the show, only years down the line.

The daughter who saw her mother pretend,
Her marriage was alright, only to wake and pretend.
That she loved her husband not his money or Bens.

And that money is worth the unhappiness she wed.

The son who watches his father cheat,
Making millions off the hurt & the weak.
May someday realize its to late to change what was his destiny and his fathers way.

There both older now and smart these days,
They've learned to be different and help who they may.

But, some who see the same or more,
May not choose the right path or course.

It is up to us to show our kids that,
The Pursuit Of Happiness is what hardwork is.

That easy money, or the easy way.
Only leads to misery and detroys what value there is.

The Pursuit Of Happiness makes us who we are.
It helps women & men become who they are.

All in all its a steady path,
But once in awhile fate divides that path.

So help your kids, help yourself.

Take time to remember happiness in itself.

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