The Quail And The Man

There, that- through the river-
He, whose face perturbed, despaired a splendor-
upon the quiet quail surrendered-
whose feathers flocked the fall of summer, utters:

'Enlightened beastie of the air,
who flutters freely, evoking glare-
that sits upon the cedar's hair-
let us render the earth unkempt
and let us tidy up her ornaments,
let us pluck and plunder the suns aground,
who sit upon the tavern mound-
And cast their smiles to the sky-
For if not, they shall linger longer till they die.'

In turn the quail quivered-

He that sits upon that fence-
Man of malevolence, boar of chance!
Whose existence lingers till the morrow,
Pig of guilt and pig of sorrow!
Whose distended desires that you follow-
Such assay you give to them!
Let you be as He you mend!

by Charles Andres Alberto

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