A Grain Of Sand

If starry space no limit knows
And sun succeeds to sun,
There is no reason to suppose
Our earth the only one.
'Mid countless constellations cast
A million worlds may be,
With each a God to bless or blast
And steer to destiny.

Just think! A million gods or so
To guide each vital stream,
With over all to boss the show
A Deity supreme.
Such magnitudes oppress my mind;
From cosmic space it swings;
So ultimately glad to find
Relief in little things.

For look! Within my hollow hand,
While round the earth careens,
I hold a single grain of sand
And wonder what it means.
Ah! If I had the eyes to see,
And brain to understand,
I think Life's mystery might be
Solved in this grain of sand.

by Robert William Service

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Comments (4)

If he wasn't a sailor, this man had the greatest imagination of any man or woman or child who has walked the earth. It takes a dew readings but it is so worth the time and effort to immerse yourself into his sea of words and emotions and storm waves of emotions. Awesome.
This must have been written during one of his manic phases, but it sure is poetry, Lowell had a way with words.
read this @ my last reading in Minneapolis. one of the best poems of the last century. myth, bible, Melville. it has it all. takes work to read, but one of my favorites.
what is this guy on? i have to do a translation of one of his poems for english class. someone please help me! ! ! !