The Qualifications Of The Ring Master

Who are they to leap,
With a receiving of recognition...
They did not earn to achieve?
And yet they sit in positions to get,
A notoriety that has been accomplished...
To mention with an attention given.
And bestowed as though,
A doing of it has no association with deed.

'Contributions donated always has its benefits.
Regardless of who qualifies with undenied intelligence.
Anyone with deep pockets are often the first to receive,
The accolades with paid for rewards.'

What about the attributes of one's integrity?

'When was the last time you attended a circus?
And the only thing mention heard to hear,
From those quieting the cheering of the clowns...
Were those voices demanding the qualifications,
Of the Ring Master.'

Well, I...

'Sit back.
Don't take these acts so serious.
Be entertained by it all.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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