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All I Need To Remember (Written For A Friend During A Hard Time,2003)
(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)

All I Need To Remember (Written For A Friend During A Hard Time,2003)

Playing as kids,
We would have so much fun.
Just messing around,
And not caring who won.

No other worries,
Just how much trouble we could get in.
Those were the days,
Even if we didn’t know it then.

A lot of things changed,
The higher our age.
We started fighting more,
Never seemed to be on the same page.

From the day we started liking boys,
When there were no more dolls, or making forts.
It suddenly became obvious,
That we were very serious about sports.

Me and You
Our names came together as one.
We argued constantly,
But we had so much fun.

So many times to remember,
The good and even the bad.
Your were that friend,
You’re in all those memories I had.

The day your grandpa died,
It must have been a sight.
As your mom told you,
I grabbed you and held on tight.

When my brother had surgery,
I had feelings I couldn’t bear.
I was miles away from school,
But I knew that my friends would be there.

We don’t always understand,
Just how special our friendship is.
But let’s try to remember,
Even if it took something like this.

I’ll try to be there,
Right now it’s my only task.
I’ll be that friend for you,
Without you even having to ask.

I hope you feel the same,
Because how could we forget,
Saying we would be friends forever,
Way back on the day we met.

Just innocent kids,
Destine to grow up together.
From the playground to college,
The support we need forever.

I mean all of this that I say.
From the bottom of my heart.
So much of our childhood is over,
And I’m so glad you were a part.

Looking at all our pictures,
Like our very first basketball game.
We were completely different,
But we were exactly the same.

Everything was so important to us,
That’s just the way it will always be.
And I think what made it great,
Was always having that friend beside me.

So I’m here for you now,
I’ll do anything just get ya to smile.
Just like you would for me,
I will walk with you every mile.

As I look back,
January through December,
You were that friend,
And that’s all I need to remember.

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William Shakespeare used the word like a bold truth
The quality of Mercy! ! ! ! It blesseth that gives, and him that takes. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
God's mercy is always mighty and we feel his mercy with beauty of enlightenment. God's mercy gives us justice and lovable life. This poem is excellently penned.10
'It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes'.... What a beautiful expression about the virtue of 'Mercy'. Shakespearean poetry is truly like a pure pearl. 'It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven'. Thanks.
Indeed the merciful heart of King is the attribute of God Himself! Thanks for sharing here!
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